Ashtanga Primary Series in Pleasanton!

I've had a love a fair with the Ashtanga Primary Series from Day One. It's a breath-centered practice, a moving meditation that brings offers us a way of centering and settling inward. This method is a flowing and rhythmic, breath-practice that strengthens, purifies, and aligns the body both physically and energetically. It is athletic in nature, especially building arm and core strength. This class follows the Primary Series and is appropriate for those with a consistent vinyasa or power yoga practice, and familiarity with Sun Salutations. Unlike many led series, I will offer modifications (props will be offered if needed), poses will be taught progressively, and the series will be edited for length when necessary. A traditional method of yoga, Yoga offers a set of posture in a specific, set series. There are six series in all, the first series being the Ashtanga Primary Series, or yoga chikitsa (yoga therapy). As originally taught by Sri Pattabhi Jois, Ashtanga is normally taught in two forms, “led” – a group class moving together, and “Mysore style” – practiced individually in the same room under the guidance of a teacher.

DAY: Saturdays

TIME: 9:30 - 11:00 AM


$15 Drop in, OR

4 classes for $50 (cash or check, please)


Tri Valley Trainer

3724 Stanley Blvd, Suite 4

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