August 30, 2015



When I began yoga, it was a tremendous a refuge for me. It saved me from debilitating depression and offered me a new, skillful way of looking at the world. Love and bliss were my experience of yoga for quite a long time. I began to shift my pessimistic world-view into one where I saw the world as a friendly place.


Over the years, the glow and newness of the practice wore off. I’ve had periods of time where I’ve struggled to show up or stay on my mat. I’ve had moments when I’ve felt disillusioned with the teachings. Sometimes my meditations have been just sitting down, getting up, and sitting back down again - over and over. And yet the act of showing up over and over to my yoga and Buddhist practices have evolved to become a discipline that is a very inward, supportive, and clarifying part of my life. The heart of keeping yoga relevant and meaningful for me, has been in accepting life as clearly as I can and not denying the very real first principle of Buddhism: that...

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