September 19, 2015

Cancer and war speech seem to go hand in hand. "Soldier on, be a warrior, kill those cancer cells." It’s natural to speak in terms that reflect some big fight with lymphoma, a war with my body, or battling this tumor. It’s common cancer-lingo, but it’s not language that I relate to.

It’s not unnatural that my body rapidly multiplied cancerous cells, created a tumor and took up residency in a couple of my lymph nodes. That process is one hundred percent natural. Sure - the cancer is life threatening, no doubt about it. Life threatening is fearful to humans. I get it, I'm human and I am not immune to fear. It’s often our human way to fight what we fear. But the end of life is not unnatural at all, and I don’t presume to be an exemption from one of the most natural things that happens on this planet.

Every species from plants to animals to humans is full of variations and disease, constantly interacting with the randomness of life. This means that a percentage of people, or flowers,...

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