A traditional method of yoga, Ashtanga Yoga offers a set of posture in a specific, set series. There are six series in all, the first series being the Ashtanga Primary Series, or yoga chikitsa (yoga therapy). As originally taught by Sri Pattabhi Jois, Ashtanga is normally taught in two forms, “led” – a group class moving together, and “Mysore style” – practiced individually in the same room under the guidance of a teacher. I currently offer a led class in Pleasanton at TriValley Trainer, Saturdays @ 9:30AM.


The Primary Series is a flowing, rhythmic, breath-centered practice that strengthens, purifies, and aligns the body both physically and energetically. It is athletic in nature, especially building arm and core strength. This class follows the Primary Series and is appropriate for those with a consistent vinyasa or power yoga practice, and familiarity with the Sun Salutation. Unlike many led series, I offer modifications (props will be offered helpful), poses will be taught progressively, and the series will be edited for length when necessary.




This course will introduce the main principles and theories of meditation practice through the lens of both modern science and yoga philosophy. Through inquiry, breath work and meditation techniques, these classes will put you on the path to a personal meditation practice that will support you in your quest for a calmer, more peaceful life.


VINYASA FLOW (Flow, Fierce, Dragonfly, Power, etc.)

This practice is a modern adaptation of traditional yoga methods - a moving meditation, initiated by breath. Poses are linked together with breath to create a balance of strength, opening, stamina and quiet mind. You can expect to be challenged – mind, body and soul - without losing touch with your own self-care. I strive to move my vinyasa classes at a pace that honors a mature, deep breath and allows for modifications for most levels of practitioners. I’m an Ashtangi at heart and always weave elements of this tradition into my vinyasa Class offerings. I find that teaching and prioritizing sophisticated alignment for both the poses and the vinyasa transitions is key to preventing repetitive stress injury, and helps to make class accessible. This mindful approach to vinyasa yoga is at the core of my teaching. In this blend of Ashtanga and Iyengar approaches, I strive to offer a relevant modern practice that honors the traditional roots of yoga.  




This meditative class is a unique blend of: micro movements, simple vinyasa, breath-work (pranayama), and long-held supported static poses and meditation. Designed to bring you to your center and release stress, this self-care class will help you move through life with more freedom and ease.